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Get Custom Stationery That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Stationery is an easy way to give your brand a professional, but personal touch to all correspondence from your business. Your correspondence can be a highly effective way to communicate with people associated with your business or your clients. Having something as simple as a letterhead builds trust with your clients and gives them the confidence that they need that you will be around for a long time to come.

Raise your brand awareness with some of our stationery printing services, such as:

  • Custom die cuts, foil stamping, and embossing
  • Custom watermarks
  • Black and white printing or full-color printing
  • High-quality designs that are printed on premium stocks
  • Options for on-demand printing, which can save you money and prevent waste

The difference between the letterheads that we can make for your business and the ones that you can get at a copier is the quality. With us, you get high resolution and crisp images and texts that will give you the perfect touch to any communication you send out for your business. You can even have matching notepads and envelopes to make an impression with every single correspondence that you send out. Additionally, you can get high-quality business cards that help you raise your brand awareness and get your name out there.

Basics of Stationery

You may be tempted to toss a design at the top of the stationery. However, your letterhead says a lot about your business, so it needs to represent your business. Here are some basics about creating the best letterhead.

  • The Right Size
    Letterhead sizes vary depending on the region. Typically for the US and Canada, the letter size is 8.5 x 11in. Other countries tend to use a size A4, which is 8.27 x 11.7in. Knowing these standard sizes is essential to fit in the standard-size envelopes, which are more affordable to buy.
  • The Layout
    Letterheads may not have a layout as complex as something like a magazine cover or poster, but you will still use a layout to make sure you get it right. Take a look at the way that other popular letterheads are formatted, and that can give you an idea of how your layout should look.

Background Graphics

Background graphics, particularly geometric designs, are a perfect way to attract attention to the letterhead. These options are a very bold trend that was inspired by today’s app and digital designs, so this can be a great option to look at if you are a tech business or a startup in the digital industry. Creating a low-key look while using gradient color effects can make your letterhead even more eye-catching. However, geometric designs are versatile designs that can be used for a variety of different businesses.

Use a Header for More Creativity

A header that is too “top-heavy” is a traditional approach that you can choose, but there are also more modern touches that you can add, such as a bold color or pattern that you could use for your backdrop. You can use an image as well. What this does is make your header stylish and contemporary looking.

Adapting to the Audience

It’s easy to focus on creating the perfect layout or the most stunning image for your letterhead, but it’s also essential to focus on who is receiving the letter. You don’t want to send some super trendy letterhead in the cases of formal letters sent to another corporate entity. However, a design that is too minimalist may be too formal in situations like introducing yourself as a new and fun business with which people want to be associated.

Think about who will be receiving the letter and create the design with that in mind. For more formal industries, using a sleek, minimalist monochrome design is excellent. It helps you to come off as more professional and trustworthy, even before anyone reads the contents of your letter.

Don’t Forget Your Logo

Branding the letterhead with your logo is more than “self-promotion.” It’s also a method to improve brand awareness through consistency. If you don’t already have a logo, you should have one designed so that you have something to use for your header. Even if you are trying to send out letters to apply for a creative job, creating your brand and logo can be a great way to sell yourself for that position.

Logos are so important to brands, which is why this is something that you need to work on as you establish your brand. You can do something simple, like using your signature or the initials for your name or company.

Use a Theme

Think of some type of small theme for the letterhead and then roll with it. Focus on a single design element, perfecting it so that it looks the way you imagined it. Then, you can start working on the various other elements to create a single, stellar cohesive design.

Create a Set

Our company also creates complete uniform stationery sets for our customers. These sets can help you set yourself apart from the competition and give you a more professional look. With the entire set branded, you are making yourself memorable to whoever receives your letter, which is what you need when building your brand.

Creating an entire stationery set may sound overwhelming, but our team is here to help you through the process so that you get something that represents your brand and makes you memorable to the recipient.

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Whether you want a letterhead and stationery that you can be proud of, or you want a complete stationery set, our printing company is the company you can trust. We communicate closely with our clients to create an aesthetically stunning letterhead that truly represents your brand and what type of letter you are mailing. Through our professional services, you are going to stand out from the competition with your high-quality stationery. Please call us to discover more about our stationery services and how we can help you.