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Marketing in Action:

Postcards, small but powerful direct marketing tools

‘Postcards Are the Niche of Direct Marketing.’

It’s amazing what the humble postcard can achieve! As a direct marketing tool, it’s a little gem that works wonders and has stood the test of time.

For your next direct marketing campaign, partner with us at 5th Color Printing in NYC. Professional printing is our game, and through our years of experience, we know a thing or two about marketing.

With the simple promotional direct mail postcard, you can generate new leads, promote sales, revive forgotten client connections, and build brand awareness.

Business postcards are extremely targeted marketing tools. Sending postcards strategically to specific households can earn you more business from current clients and generate new business from new leads. For new leads, all you need is to build a quality list of thought-out potential clients to target. At the same time, you have buying history so you can reconnect with those existing and past clients too. If you have relevant data to personalize a mailer, you should.

‘A business without a mailing list is not a business.’

Personalizing your postcards allows mass customization of a single marketing piece enabling you to be specific with your content. That’s the value of variable printing and sending out a direct marketing campaign.


A postcard may be small in comparison to other direct marketing formats, but they do a great job of making the receiver feel special as they come with a connection that has an emotional value. They have and have always had a nostalgic feel, even when sent with business intent, especially if they are sent with a personal touch.

However, it is essential to know what the purpose of your postcard is from a business standpoint.

‘Be unique. You can’t copy anybody and end up with anything. If you copy, it means you’re working without any real feeling.’

Be sure to include one or more of these ideas, to engage customers:
  • A coupon or discount
  • An announcement
  • A new product introduction and limited-time-only specials
  • Re-establish a connection, ‘we miss your business,’ win past clients back
  • Introduce a new service
  • Share a ‘before and after’ photo of service and share a testimonial of that content customer (with their permission)
  • Seasonal offer or Holiday greeting
  • If you have a website, add a landing page link specifically with new potential clients in mind, for example

Many businesses rely on different types of direct marketing to attract new business. Still, postcards fair well if you are in the ‘home service business’ like garden care, window cleaning, plumbing, painting, mobile hairdresser/beautician/massage therapist, and the like. With a postcard, these types of businesses can promote ‘package deals’ like getting a percentage off (another) service you offer, when they book a job with you.

Custom Postcards: VIPS – Very Important Postcard Strategies:

  • #1 MUST be eye-catching. It must have an attractive headline. Postcards don’t need to be opened, so the chances that customers notice them and read them are excellent.
  • #2 Keep them SIMPLE is the key to an excellent business postcard design. Simple doesn’t mean dull and pointless. It just means easy to read, easy to follow, jargon-free, and to the point.
  • #3 A CALL-TO-ACTION is always required. It tells the customer what to do. For example: “Get $10 off when you use this code,” or “Go to this page to sign-up.” Ideally, the offer is time-bound, so there’s an urgency to act sooner rather than later.
  • #4 TRACK your campaign with the results of your call-to-action.

‘Amazing things will happen when you connect with the consumer.’

WHY POSTCARDS, As a Direct Mail Option?

Direct mailing has the best response rate EVER, still, today, and EVEN compared to email, and social media. Also, business postcards last. They are tangible, not ‘gone and forgotten’ like an instant and often limited online advert. You also have an option to combine postcard marketing with email/ social media/website marketing to get the message across (called multi-channel marketing).

‘Your customers are more than just email addresses.’

Putting your DESIGN together:

This area is mainly where we, at 5th Color Printing, come in. We cover it all, and we will make your life easy.

Things to consider:

  • Postcard sizes:
    From Standard (3.5” x 5”) to a Custom size;
    To Mini (2.5” x 2.5”) to Oversized (up to 6” x 9”);
    Odd sizes and typically bigger ones will stand out more than others. For the right campaign, this can make a difference as you have more space in which to work.
  • Paper and Finish:
    There is undoubtedly a selection of quality paper to choose from today, ranging from the standard to the specialty paper type. Many are available in-store or can be a particular order.Some specialty examples of paper and finish are high-gloss cover, uncoated, soft-touch, silk, matte, kraft, velvet, metallic, synthetic finish, gloss laminated, or foil raised.

    Unusual options that will ensure a ‘one-of-a-kind’ postcard statement are 3D-postcards, Glitter finish, Die-cut, Folded.

  • Budget depends on:
    Quantity of the print run (we do low minimums if need be, or you want to test the water),
    What type of print run: one-off or re-occurring,
    Print: in full-colour or black & white,
    Design, copy, and layout package costs,
    to where you are sending the postcards to (postal costs).

WHY CHOOSE US: 5th Colour Printing, for Postcard Production and Printing?

We offer a personal touch, real support, and full-service for design, copy, layout, and print. We will also help you revitalize your marketing efforts. We offer the full-service spectrum from a standard solution to a fully customized solution with stress-free, fast turnaround times, and we have the edge on pricing. Mail is still one of the easiest ways to reach decision-makers. Studies have found that traditional consumers, as well as the more internet-savvy, still consider mail a very relevant and useful source of information.