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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

How to turn yours into a powerful marketing tool
from start to print!

At 5th Color Printing, we understand the importance and the relevance of an Annual Report for companies, and we also know that immaculate presentation is the difference between a stand-out publication and a very ordinary one. We know which one you would prefer to present.

No matter the business sector, we can assist a wide range of industries with their annual (or quarterly or monthly) corporate reporting.

Preparing an Annual Report Is Not for the Faint-Hearted!

What They Entail and Why They Still Matter

In a nutshell, Annual Reports provide essential information on the health of a company and include mission, history, and culture as well as achievements and financials, specially designed and prepared for shareholders, stakeholders, staff, the media, and a wider audience. This report is published once a year, and all public corporations must have one.

The front section of the report contains a combination of images and graphs presenting data and content. All chronicle the activity of the company over the past year. The back part contains detailed financials and operational/legal information.

With this in mind, you need to make sure you cover the following main focuses, in terms of components and content:

Establish your Objectives: these are the things you want to get across before you start creating. Describe the industry in which the company is involved and detail in brief, the company’s business and highlight the most significant achievements and impacts of the year.

The Chairman’s Letter: to the company’s shareholders, marks the beginning of the report and sets a positive tone for the rest of the pages. It includes an executive summary and a section of long-term strategies and goals. It is also important to list the company’s directors and executive officers.

Promote your Company Profile: by making it clear what makes the company stand apart, different from the rest. Use the company values, mission, and vision to enhance its unique selling points. Do all of this with your audience in mind.

Provide Financial Information: provide an audited statement of income and an analysis of the business’s financial position and cash flow and the results that the company has posted over the previous two years.

Make the most of your annual reporting efforts. This annual communication that is often overlooked and understated has hidden value and massive potential as an opportunistic marketing tool when done right. CEO-driven, it is a reputation enhancing tool and a brand-building resource with high stakes and high profile.

How to Write an Excellent Annual Report

It is essential to use clear, concise, and intelligible writing. Keep the tone professional and remain objective throughout the document. The content of the annual report should be open and honest and accountable.

Taking an innovative and creative approach to how you present the key messages, transforms an understandable and straightforward report into a motivating and engaging one that your stakeholders will want to read.

‘People don’t read like they used to anymore.’

With so many daily pressures and limited time, many of us are not reading the same way we used to, an inevitable fact of our fast-paced lives.

An Annual Report can be a huge marketing opportunity.

Although annual reports contain a large amount of financial input, there is an opportunity to present this data well, with section headings bite-sized pieces and the use of graphics, which all facilitate a clear business direction and vision.

‘When opportunity meets with planning,
a marketing masterpiece is created.’

Think About Your Print

Standard printed pages and generic typeface and mounds of text are a thing of the past and have no chance of being read in this day and age. If you feel you are having trouble with making your report remarkable and memorable, we can help you with that, both digitally and in print.

If you are delivering it digitally, you can involve your audience with a call-to-action such as liking, sharing, and pinning. Most of the time, even among digitally-advanced companies, ‘hard’ copies are required, whether you decide on a basic but sophisticated print to a full-color, glossy publication.

‘The difference between ordinary and extraordinary
is just that little ‘extra.’

Publication in Progress

All the worries of what graphics, what paper and what binding to go with it, to finish it off, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and by covered, we mean the outer cover and binding finish. These are some of the options:

AQUEOUS OR UV COATING: protects your report cover and gives it a professionally finished look. A lamination is an option if you are on a tight budget.

PERFECT BINDING: a typical softcover, bound look, affixes a trimmed cover using glue, ideal for more extensive reports.

SADDLE-STITCHING: similar to a standard magazine finish or newsletters, folded sheets are collated, one inside the other, and then stapled in the folded center with two staples.

DIE-CUTTING: give a window look in the cover of your report, an economical way
to include a thicker cover while still displaying the report title.

CUSTOM PRINTED SIDE TABS: to make sections easier to find.

FOIL STAMPING: choose from gold, silver, bronze, and other metallic-colored foils for a memorable and prominent finish.

‘Let us help you tell your financial story.’

At 5th Color Printing We Provide:

  • our full-service operation
  • reasonable rates
  • proficient processing time
  • an experienced staff

We can help you create that winning report that even the most rigorous and hard to please boss will admire and appreciate!

We hope we have drummed up some significant enthusiasm and given you some food for thought, that you will be inspired to say goodbye to boring and hello to dynamic annual reporting design. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a compelling report, with information and inspiration at your fingertips and us by your side.